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The Young Forest Project: Growing Wildlife Habitat Together

Brochure explaining the importance of young forest and shrubland habitat and how to create it.

Young Forest Guide - Wildlife Needs Young Forest Habitat and You Can Help

Non-technical guide explaining how to create young forest to benefit wildlife and increase people's enjoyment of nature and the land, for private landowners and those who oversee state wildlife areas, parks, or forests; town or county forests; and nature preserves, land trust properties, and hunting clubs (24 pp.).

Brochure, Guide
Wildlife in Your Young Forest

Mini-field guide of wildlife that may be seen in young forest as it grows back in the years following a habitat management project such as a timber harvest (24 pp.).

Protecting Forests, Storing Carbon, and Helping Wildlife

Brochure on creating young forest and shrubland habitat for wildlife, while also providing for carbon storage and promoting forest health.

Under Cover: Wildlife of Shrublands and Young Forest

Detailed report on 65 birds, mammals, and reptiles that need young forest and shrubland, including recommendations on how to manage habitat for them (88 pp.).

Wildlife Needs Young Forest: The Woodcock Management Plan

Brochure on creating shrubland and young forest for the American woodcock (Scolopax minor).

The Young Forest Project: Helping Wildlife Through Stewardship and Science

Comprehensive report on the broad scope of efforts to create young forest and shrubland for wildlife (58 pp.).

Research paper
Condition Varies with Habitat Choice in Post-Breeding Forest Birds

Research paper in The Auk on the importance of young forest habitat to forest-interior birds studied on the Allegheny National Forest and private industrial timberlands in northwestern Pennsylvania.